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Prop E Abolishes Arbitrary Minimums

The current San Francisco charter includes a requirement for SFPD to have a minimum number of full-duty sworn officers (1,971) based on analysis done more than 40 years ago.

Prop E amends the charter to remove this arbitrary and outdated number. Instead, the city would re-evaluate SFPD staffing levels every two years. 

The process that’s laid out in the amendment requires SFPD to submit a report and recommendation on staffing to the Police Commission. When the Police Commission reviews SFPD’s budgets for approval, it will consider those recommendations.

Why Should San Franciscans Vote Yes?

Simply put, Prop E will move us toward better public safety. It paves the way for us to free up the excessive amounts of money that we’re currently spending on policing for the things that actually bring us security. For just a few examples, we need access to:

  • Stable housing
  • Food security
  • Healthcare
  • Mental health and therapeutic services
  • Community connectivity and aid
  • Transformative justice responses to harm 

While Prop E doesn’t automatically give us these things, it tackles a barrier to getting them. The arbitrary staffing requirement in the charter effectively imposes arbitrary spending requirements, which prevent us from making meaningful change in our budget and being as creative as we need with city resources. Voting YES on Prop E removes this block, so that communities can continue the work of creating more structure in the city for stable, healthy, and thriving neighborhoods. 

We desperately need to strengthen San Francisco’s support systems. The pandemic isn’t ending anytime soon. Now more than ever, it’s urgent that we secure the resources needed for all of us to survive.

Learn more about why we want to amend the charter.

What can I do to help pass Prop E?

Join us in texting and writing postcards to other San Franciscans, urging them to vote YES in order to unlock community resources! Visit our Get Involved page for more details and to sign up.